About Java Ginger

Java Ginger is a rhizome of unique variety of ginger that grows in tropical Asia, especially Indonesia (Java Island), and has a specific region of plantation in Java Island. This plant is very much like usual ginger, but has character of yellow color and taste bitter and spicy. Java Ginger is originated from Indonesia.

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Video Description

Dementia has been a problem and the people suffering Dementia have been growing each year. Java Ginger, having Neurotrophic effect can prolong the brain neurite cells that might prevent Dementia.

The purpose of the study is to examine the effect of Java Ginger Extract on learning and memory ability of mice. In the video, the result of Water Maze Test on mice is shown.

Method : to put the mouse on pool of water, and examine the escape time, path length and direction toward relief point (out of water).

The test was conducted everyday in 6 days period.

The idea is that:

  • Mice do not like water, they will swim until they find relief point out of the water
  • Normal mice has high learning ability that ithey can memorize the direction to relief point in 6 times repeatation.

3 groups of mouse were tested :

  1. Healthy Mouse
  2. Dementia Mouse
  3. Dementia Mouse + Java Ginger Extract

Result :

Day 1 : All 3 groups needed the same time to reach the relief point.

Day 6 (after 6 times repeatation) : Group 1 (Healthy Mouse) and Group 3 (Dementia Mouse+Java Ginger Extract) had the same speed to reach relief point, while Group 2 (Dementia Mouse) still had difficulties to reach relief point out of the water.

Conclusion :

Java Ginger Extract increased the learning and memory ability

Java Ginger has long history of kitchen use and traditional medicine. Many Indonesian people use this ginger for treating various diseases like headache, fever, stomach ache and also use it for body slimming.

Hosoda Nutritional once again discover another excellent ingredient, Java Ginger Extract, for human health. The active compound of Java Ginger has been researched for many years by Japanese scientist, to discover that Java Ginger`s active compound has a neurotrophic effect to brain neurons. In other word, Java
Ginger can promote brain neuron development that useful for brain nutrition, can help the ability to memorize and may prevent Dementia Disease on elder people.

Sourcing – Production

Hosoda Nutritional has been widened the networking in Indonesia, focusing on ingredient that useful for human health. One of those is Java Ginger. Hosoda
Nutritional has a strong relationship with Indonesian local farmers and Indonesian government who support the farmers, to make sure the raw material supply constant and reliable.

Hosoda Nutritional has some Java Ginger plantations, and the plantation in East Java has JAS Organic Certification that started in 2013. (JAS = Japan Agricultural Standard)


From the plantation, fresh raw material is harvested, cleaned then quality checked by trained farmers to deliver to the extract facility that runs under strict Japanese Quality Control to make sure the best quality you can get.


Legal : Japan Patent No : 5725527


Active Compound of Java Ginger

The Java Ginger`s active compound is naturally extracted from rhizome using water and ethanol. Java Ginger Extract contains abundance of active compound, called Phenyl Butenoid Dimer (PBD). PBD has 2 compounds, which are trans form (comp.1) and cis form (comp.2).


What is Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)?

Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) is a group of small protein called neurotrophins that are responsible for the development of new neurons, health neurons, and maintenance of mature neurons.

NGF is primarily involved in the growth, as well as maintenance, proliferation and survival of nerve cells. But, as people getting older, the NGF decreases.

Java Ginger PBD and Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) Experiment

These figures are the results of Neuritogenic effect on PC12 Cell (Neurite sprouting and outgrowth) between Control, NGF (Positive Control) and Java Ginger PBD.



Result :

PBD of Java Ginger have neurotrophic effect characterized by neuritogenesis, neurite outgrowth promotion and neural survival enhancement in PC12 Cells, even in absence of NGF.

The control group (0,5% EtOH) had only a few cells with neuritis. NGF (Positive Control) had significant neurite sprouting and outgrowth. PBD comp.1 and comp.2 had significant sprouting and outgrowth

*Neuroscience Letters 513 (2012) 72-77

Java Ginger and OBX Mouse Experiment

In this experiment, olfactory bulbs was removed from mice, lead to a specific set of behavioral changes in cognitive function and activity. These mice are called OBX (Olfactory bulbectomy).

OBX mice were used in this experiment, with administration of Java Ginger PBD and Fluoxetine (Anti-Depressant Drug) in period of 28 days.


Reference :

Matsui N., Kido Y., Okada H., Kubo M., Nakai M., Fukuishi N., Fukuyama Y., Akagi M. Phenylbutenoid dimers isolated from Zingiber purpureum exert neurotrophic effects on cultured neurons and enhance hippocampal neurogenesis in olfactory bumbectomized mice. Neuroscience Letters 513 (2012) 72-77.

Kubo M., Gima M., Baba K., Nakai M., Harada K., Suenaga M., Matsunaga Y., Kato E., Hosoda S., Fukuyama Y. Novel neurotrophic phenylbutenoids from Indonesia ginger Bangle, Zingiber purpureum. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 25 (2015 1586-1591.