Hosoda Nutritional has agreed to become one of the first sponsors for the 3rd International conference of resveratrol and health taking place in Hawaii from November 30th to December 3rd 2014.

Resveratrol 2014 Conference (for more info, click here) will once again collect the leading names globally in the area of resveratrol to discuss the trends and developments with resveratrol research and product development opportunities and set the scope for the coming years for resveratrol. For Hosoda Nutritional, it is the emerging focus on the resveratrol derivates that makes the conference especially interesting.

Shinya Hosoda, CEO for Hosoda Nutritional: “We belive in science and we want to support co-operation between the industry and academia. Hosoda Nutritional has worked with Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol for more than 10 years and our strong sales in Japan demonstrate the benefits of selling scientifically proven high-quality natural product that is safe. Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol is the only safe natural extract with centuries of human consumption. We are looking forward to meet once more the international resveratrol community, now in Hawaii.”